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Promises should be lived up to… so, here’s my report from our second climb to C2. Again, the ascent was exhausting and the weather was hostile (which came as no surprise). Our meteorologist had predicted an approaching window for another summit attempt – a narrow one, though; therefore we had to climb up to C1 and C2 right away while weather conditions were still severe, so that we can be relative safe when continuing further up – I mean, safe in terms of weather. Strong wind and heavy snowfall tested out the functional parameters of our mountain wear as well as our climbing techniques. Withstanding all the hardship, we finally find ourselves (with minor frostbites and bruises) in the “safe haven” of C2 – three of us packed in each tent.  

Our climb over the House’s Chimney (from C1 to C2) gave us a rush of adrenaline, even more so than the last time around. Thunderous noise all around… as concerns the avalanches on K2, we were grateful that we could “only” hear them. Another huge avalanche swept away the C3 and, to some extent, the deposit in C4 as well. Due to… or, in this case, shall I say thanks to the harsh weather there was nobody that high … (a sigh of relief). Tomorrow we will be assessing the physical damage “up there”, based on which we will decide which way to continue – whether up or down…